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Restart of ArtUpCareer?!

 Fingers crossed for the Party Crackers team: Marta, Katrin& Dagne are currently  working on the new business model for the  at  StarterCreative programme. The brave  trio will pitch their idea on sustainable and vital
Region: International | 04.05.2017

Competition for Student Projects

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre COMPETITION FOR STUDENT PROJECTS The deadline for project drafts: February 13, 2017 Preliminary project plan has to include: ◦       The title and purpose of the...
Region: International | 25.01.2017

Join Creative Hack vol3

The 3rd Estonian creative industries hackathon Loomehäkk (Creative Hack) will take place in Tallinn from 27th to 29th of January. Loomehäkk will bring together creative masterminds, programmers, marketers and designers. During 48 hours the participants...
Region: International | 05.01.2017

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Kontserdi-ja etenduskeskuse toimetaja

Posted 24.05.2017
/uploads/publishments_images/resized/bw/5912dd2b336fb.jpg /co-operation-offers/call-for-orchestra-manager

Call for Orchestra Manager

Posted 10.05.2017
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Call for Intern @Cultural Management Programme

Posted 26.04.2017

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Andrus Kallastu

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Michael Haagensen

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Aleksandra Kazanina

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Olesja Klink

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Matis Leima

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